Love, give him, another body

...because where no travel is possible / he wanted to take the earth by the throat / and to ascend...

Dearest Bookworms,

I’ve been enrolling Crossroads of Desire in various giveaways, and two are active right now:

So if you know someone who might like to read about Quin and Leon and Arturo and Rafael, especially if they don’t have a lot of time to read, or read very slowly as I do, Crossroads of Desire is both free right now and a relatively short, quick read. I’d be delighted to know that it’s being shared far and wide.

Today I wrote a little more of the second book in The Path of True Love series, which as of this morning has a title: Embrace of Belonging. I know what happens but I don’t yet know how to write it. Every time I sit down to write I must pass through this curtain of doubt and fear: I don’t know how… The answer is always to gain control over my breath, to raise my fingers to the keys, and just write. And the result is always worth the struggle.

The Syrian poet Adonis wrote this:

Love, give him, another body

because where no travel is possible
he wanted to take the earth by the throat
and to ascend, journeying
the midday heat of its passions

And now in his earth night has buried
his first murdered body

So yes, give him another body, O Love

(From Beginnings of the Body, Ends of the Sea, trans. Khaled Mattawa)

I’ll leave you with the last little paragraph I wrote, just now before I wrote to you; a thread of soul to bring you closer:

The day was growing warmer and I didn’t want to get started on the house and end up sweaty before meeting Holiday, so I searched on my phone for local bookstores and chose the nearest one, Book Den, and drove over there. It was a used bookstore with new books scattered in the mix. I thought I should get Holiday a gift for helping me. In the Photography section I found a book on pictorialism in California, its photographs fleeting and unsolid, as if the images were fixed in place before they had fully emerged.

With love,

AR x