Where is the Special Place in Your Memories?

Dearest Bookworms,

Crossroads of Desire has had a wonderful week, receiving its first Instagram review, 5 stars, from @queerreadinglibrarian!

Meanwhile I’m making good progress on the next story in the series and enjoying being with Quin again. Currently I’m able to write once a week, meeting up on Zoom with a good friend who is a queer science fiction writer.

Writing this second story gives me a chance to return in memories and imagination to Santa Barbara, CA, where I lived for almost two years. I loved living there, and I especially loved going to Chaucer’s Books on State Street: Chaucer’s is an independent bookstore that had an enormous range of books in all kinds of different fiction and non-fiction genres. I also loved Book Den, downtown, which stocked used and new books together. They have a wonderful poetry section.

Do you have a special place from your past that you return to in memories?

And lastly today, I want to share a pretty flower I saw on a walk the other day:

Photograph of pink flowers with black stamen; the petals flow backward, resembling the trails of a shooting star.

This is called Henderson’s Shooting Star, and I love the way the petals resemble the swirling trails in vintage illustrations of shooting stars!

Wishing you happiness and peace in the week ahead ~

AR x